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Unicorn Belts (1000mg)


THC 1000MG

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Welcome to WeedMart, where we turn your cannabis experience into a magical journey. Introducing our handcrafted delight – Unicorn Belts, a marvel in the world of THC-infused edibles. Crafted with care in Los Angeles by Smashed Gummies, these enchanting treats are perfect for those seeking a flavorful alternative to traditional smoking.

  1. Strain Information:

Immerse yourself in the hybrid goodness of Unicorn Belts, carefully curated for a harmonious blend of indica and sativa genetics. The lineage, a secret touch of magic that adds to the allure.

  1. THC/CBD Content:

Each package contains a whopping 1000mg of THC, with 15 pieces, each boasting 66.6mg of THC. Unleash the power of potency in every sweet bite.

  1. Effects and Experience:

Indulge in the symphony of relaxation and euphoria as Unicorn Belts transport you to a world of blissful creativity.

Discover the medicinal benefits, offering potential relief from pain and anxiety, making every moment a magical escape.

  1. Aroma and Flavor Profile:

Let the captivating aroma of Unicorn Belts enchant your senses with a burst of tantalizing sweetness and a hint of mystery.

Experience the delightful taste of these gummies, a magical fusion that satisfies your sweet tooth cravings with a touch of cannabis sophistication.

  1. Appearance:

Revel in the visual feast of Unicorn Belts, vibrant in color and perfectly sized for a delightful experience with every piece.

Trichome coverage may not apply, but the visual appeal is bound to cast a spell on your senses.

  1. Product Quality and Safety:

WeedMart is committed to excellence. Smashed Gummies are crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring a safe and delectable experience.

Embrace the quality of our products, cultivated with organic and pesticide-free growing practices for a magical, clean indulgence.

  1. Packaging and Quantity Options:

Unicorn Belts are elegantly packaged, ready to be unwrapped for a magical journey.

Choose the quantity that suits your desires, with each package offering 15 pieces of THC-infused bliss.

  1. Usage Recommendations:

Experience Unicorn Belts by savoring each delectable piece. No need to smoke – just let the magic unfold in your mouth.

For newcomers, start with a smaller dosage and let the enchantment gradually take hold.

  1. Legal Compliance:

WeedMart ensures compliance with all local regulations. Enjoy responsibly and within the legal limits of your region.

  1. Brand Story or Unique Selling Points:

WeedMart, where magic meets cannabis. Our products are a testament to quality, locally sourced ingredients, and the artistry of Smashed Gummies. Join us on a journey where every bite is a step into a realm of cannabis enchantment.




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