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Strawberry Champagne Live Resin 1G Cartridge



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Unveil the extraordinary with Smashed Vapes’ Strawberry Champagne Live Resin 1G Cartridge – a hybrid marvel meticulously crafted for the connoisseur in you. Let’s dive into the essence of this remarkable creation:

Strain Information

Indulge in the perfect hybrid blend, a symphony of sativa and indica genetics. The lineage of this masterpiece contributes to a harmonious experience, appealing to both ends of the spectrum.

THC/CBD Content

Immerse yourself in the potency of pure Live Resin cannabis oil. With optimal THC levels for a powerful kick and a touch of CBD for balance, our cartridges redefine the boundaries of your cannabis journey.

Effects and Experience

Embark on a journey of relaxation and euphoria, where creativity meets tranquility. This hybrid marvel not only uplifts your spirits but also brings potential medical benefits, offering relief from pain and anxiety.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

Savor the essence of Strawberry Champagne. The aroma dances in the air, and the taste lingers on your palate, creating an experience that transcends ordinary consumption.


Behold the visual allure of our buds – a kaleidoscope of colors, a testament to quality. Each bud, meticulously cultivated, boasts vibrant hues, impressive size, and a glistening trichome coverage.

Product Quality and Safety

WeedMart prioritizes your well-being. Our Live Resin is crafted from top-shelf quality flower, with no additives. Embrace the natural and clean taste, confident in the organic and pesticide-free growing practices we adhere to.

Packaging and Quantity Options

Sealed with precision, our cartridges come in sleek packaging, preserving freshness and potency. Choose from various quantities, ensuring you have the perfect amount to suit your lifestyle.

Usage Recommendations

Whether you prefer the ritual of smoking or the convenience of vaping, our Strawberry Champagne Live Resin adapts to your style. New to the experience? Fear not – dosage recommendations are provided for a seamless initiation.

Legal Compliance

Rest assured, WeedMart complies with all local regulations. Your safety is our priority, and our product descriptions are tailored to meet legal standards.

Brand Story

At WeedMart, our commitment goes beyond crafting premium products. We take pride in being locally sourced and handcrafted, ensuring each cartridge reflects the dedication of our team.

Elevate your cannabis experience with WeedMart’s Strawberry Champagne Live Resin 1G Cartridge. Unleash the extraordinary – order now and redefine your highs!

Experience the Fusion, Embrace the Exceptional.




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