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Mike’s Pie (3.5g)

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THC 32.76%
CBD 0.07MG

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Bite into Bliss: Mike’s Pie (3.5g) – An Indica Indica-tion of Perfection

Get ready for a deep dive into relaxation with Mike’s Pie, Jungle Boys’ indica masterpiece. This heavyweight hybrid, born from the union of Mike Larry and Wedding Pie, packs a punch with 32.76% THC and promises a mind-melting escape.

What’s it like? Imagine sinking into a warm velvet cushion, worries slipping away like melted butter. Mike’s Pie’s heavy body buzz washes over you, easing muscle tension and quieting anxieties. But it’s not just about couch potato-ing—a euphoric buzz dances behind the calming wave, sparking creativity and leaving you with a happy grin.

Indulge your senses: Crack open the bag and be greeted by a forest of frosty, deep green buds, glistening with trichomes like tiny diamonds. Each puff is a dance of creamy vanilla and sweet berries, accented by a touch of earthy spice. It’s like biting into a decadent dessert, minus the guilt.

Mike’s Pie is more than just a high. Jungle Boys takes pride in its organic, sustainable cultivation practices, ensuring you get the highest quality flower without the hidden nasties.

Ready to slice into paradise? This 3.5g package is perfect for solo chill sessions or sharing the good vibes with friends. Enjoy Mike’s Pie in a joint, vaporizer, or your favorite edible creation. Remember, start slow and savor the pie-fect experience.

Disclaimer: This product is for legal adult use only. Please consume responsibly and comply with all local laws and regulations.

P.S. Don’t just take our word for it. Mike’s Pie is a customer favorite, known for its potent relaxation and delicious flavor. Check out the reviews and see for yourself!

Ready to discover your own slice of heaven? Explore Jungle Boys’ collection of premium cannabis products and unlock a world of possibilities.


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