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King Louis XIII 1G Disposable (INDICA)


King Louis XIII is a legendary indica strain made by crossing OG Kush with LA Confidential. The dense nugs have an overwhelmingly piney smell with an earthy musk that will have you thinking of your last forest adventure. The flavor is packed with gas and pine that is instantly recognizable due to its OG Kush heritage. The powerful effects of this heavy indica will leave you relaxed and in a state of peaceful bliss.

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Welcome to WeedMart, where royalty meets relaxation! Presenting our crown jewel, the King Louis XIII 1G Disposable (INDICA) – a regal indulgence for those seeking the epitome of indica excellence. Let the royal lineage of OG Kush and LA Confidential take you on a majestic journey through the dense nugs with an unmistakable piney aroma and a flavor profile that pays homage to its OG Kush heritage.

Strain Information: Bask in the glory of King Louis XIII, a legendary indica strain crafted from the noble union of OG Kush and LA Confidential. This indica heavyweight promises a sensory adventure, from the dense nugs to the overwhelmingly piney aroma and earthy musk that whispers of past forest escapades.

THC/CBD Content: Embrace the power of the crown with our King Louis XIII 1G Disposable, boasting a potent THC content that ensures a regal experience. Unlock the door to relaxation and peaceful bliss with every puff.

Effects and Experience: Prepare for a royal relaxation as the effects of King Louis XIII sweep over you – a tranquil state of relaxation, sleepiness, and an undeniable hunger for the finer things in life. This heavy indica reigns supreme in delivering a regal experience fit for royalty.

Aroma and Flavor Profile: Enchant your senses with the signature scent of King Louis XIII, a harmonious blend of pine and earthy musk that transports you to the heart of a majestic forest. The flavor profile, rich with gas and pine, pays homage to its OG Kush lineage, creating an instantly recognizable and truly royal indulgence.

Appearance: Marvel at the visual opulence of King Louis XIII’s buds – a spectacle of color, size, and trichome coverage that speaks to the meticulous craftsmanship behind every royal nug.

Product Quality and Safety: WeedMart’s commitment to quality is unwavering. Our King Louis XIII is cultivated with care, adhering to organic and pesticide-free growing practices to ensure a product fit for royalty. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Packaging and Quantity Options: Experience the convenience of royalty with our King Louis XIII 1G Disposable, elegantly packaged for freshness and portability. Choose from various quantities to suit your preferences, each ensuring a kingly encounter.

Usage Recommendations: Indulge in the regal experience by simply enjoying a royal puff. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer to the throne, King Louis XIII is ready to offer its majestic effects. Reignite your love for cannabis through smoking or vaping – the choice is yours.

Legal Compliance: We uphold the highest standards of legal compliance, ensuring that your experience with King Louis XIII aligns with local regulations. A royal experience within the bounds of the law.

Brand Story or Unique Selling Points: WeedMart stands as a beacon of excellence in the cannabis realm, bringing you King Louis XIII – a strain fit for royalty. Our commitment to quality, safety, and a truly unique experience sets us apart. From the royal lineage to the exquisite packaging, every detail reflects our dedication to providing you with a regal cannabis encounter. Elevate your senses, embrace the crown, and reign with WeedMart’s King Louis XIII – where every puff is a step into royalty!


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