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Gelato 0.5G Cartridge


THC 92%

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WeedMart’s Gelato Cartridge Got Your Back (and Buzz)

Tired of the same old, same old? Your cannabis routine needs a flavor fiesta, and WeedMart’s Shorties by KUSHIE Gelato 0.5G Cartridge is here to blow your mind (and taste buds) wide open.

This ain’t your grandma’s cough syrup. This is Gelato magic trapped in a sleek, little cartridge, ready to paint your world with vibrant colors and good vibes.

Picture this: You crack open the pack. The sweet, creamy aroma of gelato hits you like a hug from a sun-kissed orange grove. You take a puff, and bam! Your taste buds do a happy dance on a cloud of citrusy swirls, earthy goodness, and a hint of that gelato magic. It’s like summer in a vape pen.

But Gelato ain’t just a pretty face (or flavor). This cartridge is packed with 92% THC, meaning it’ll take you on a journey to relaxation island, where stress melts away faster than ice cream on a hot day.

Feeling creative? Gelato’s got your back. This hybrid blend of indica and sativa unlocks your inner artist, letting you paint masterpieces (or at least finish that laundry you’ve been putting off).

Worried about quality? Don’t be. WeedMart’s Gelato Cartridge is made with solvent-free distillate and natural terpenes, so it’s clean, pure, and oh-so-good. We wouldn’t mess with your buzz, fam.

And the best part? This little cartridge is your discreet, portable party pal. Toss it in your pocket or purse, and take the good vibes wherever you go.

So ditch the dull and light up the fun! Grab WeedMart’s Shorties by KUSHIE Gelato 0.5G Cartridge and get ready for a flavor explosion that’ll leave you saying, “Ciao, stress! Hola, happiness!”

P.S. We’ve got a variety of sizes to fit your needs, so stock up and keep the party rolling!




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