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Apple Belts (1000mg)


THC 1000MG

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Apple Belts 1000mg: Bite into Bliss (Hybrid Gummies)

Pucker up for a juicy adventure! Apple Belts are your passport to a world of euphoria, relaxation, and creative zing, all wrapped up in delicious green apple gummy goodness.

But wait, there’s more: These ain’t your average candy. Each gummy packs a potent 66.6mg of THC, making them the perfect choice for seasoned explorers and curious newcomers alike (just start slow!).

Here’s what you’re in for:

Happy Hour in Your Mouth: Tangy green apple flavor explodes on your taste buds, leaving you refreshed and ready to grin.

Melt Away the Day: Stress and worries? Not anymore. Apple Belts will wash them away with a wave of calming relaxation, leaving you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.

Unlock Your Inner Artist: Let your imagination run wild with a boost of creativity. Whether you’re painting masterpieces, writing epic poems, or simply dreaming up new recipes, Apple Belts will be your muse.

More than just a sweet treat:

Hybrid Bliss: This magical blend of indica and sativa genetics delivers the best of both worlds – uplifting energy without the jitters, and deep relaxation without the couch lock.

Discreet & Delicious: Ditch the bong and embrace a stealthy, tasty way to medicate. Pop a gummy and enjoy wherever life takes you.

Handmade with Love: We craft each gummy with care in Los Angeles, using only high-quality ingredients and zero nasties.

Ready to bite into the good life? Grab your bag of Apple Belts today!




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