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Winter Is Coming 1G Moonrock



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Introducing WeedMart’s Winter Is Coming 1G Moonrock – the Hybrid Sensation!

  1. Strain Info:
    • Type: Hybrid (mix of GG #4 and Starfighter F2)
  2. THC/CBD Levels:
    • THC Strength: Packs a punch for a wild ride.
    • CBD Touch: Gives a bit of soothing relief.
  3. Feels and Vibes:
    • Take a trip with Winter Is Coming, perfect for kicking back.
    • Unwind with chill vibes and maybe a creative boost.
    • People dig it for relaxing and a touch of medical help.
  4. Smell and Taste:
    • Sniff up the strong fuel and skunk smell.
    • Tastes like a mix of sour citrus, sweet berries, and a hint of herbs.
  5. Looks:
    • Buds are colorful, like deep greens and a dash of purple.
    • Got this frosty look with trichomes shining.
  6. Quality and Safe Stuff:
    • Made from the good stuff – top-shelf king nugs.
    • No yucky pesticides – it’s all clean and pure.
  7. Packaging and Amounts:
    • Packed up tight to keep things fresh.
    • Grab a gram and see how you like it.
  8. How to Enjoy:
    • Best in a joint or vape – taste the full flavor.
    • Newbies, start slow – don’t rush the good times.
  9. Staying Legal:
    • Follow the rules, keep it for grown-ups.
    • Keep it away from the little ones, always.
  10. Our Story:
    • WeedMart is all about the good stuff.
    • We find the best locally, and our hands make it just right.

Get a taste of the Future with Winter Is Coming!




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