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Tommy White 1G Moonrock



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Step into the world of WeedMart, where we bring you the extraordinary Tommy White 1G Moonrock – a top-notch HYBRID experience that’s a real crowd-pleaser!

  1. Strain Info: Get ready for the Future Hybrid, a tasty combo crafted by Exotic Genetix. It’s a mix of GG #4 and Starfighter F2, delivering a burst of fuel, skunk, and sour citrus vibes. Tastes like a blend of sour lemon, sweet berries, and herbal goodness.
  2. THC/CBD Content: Tommy White packs a punch with just the right THC levels for an amazing ride, balanced out with a touch of CBD for a smooth, well-rounded trip.
  3. Effects & Feel: Buckle up for a ride! Future Hybrid brings you a mix of relaxation, euphoria, and a spark of creativity. Feel the chill vibes and enjoy the soothing benefits, whether it’s for pain relief or kicking back without a care.
  4. Scent & Taste: Take a whiff of the awesome combo of fuel, skunk, and citrus. When you savor it, you’ll pick up the zesty notes of sour lemon, the sweetness of berries, and a hint of herbal goodness.
  5. Looks: Feast your eyes on the Tommy White buds – bursting with colors, covered in trichomes, and just the right size. It’s a visual treat that guarantees a top-tier experience.
  6. Quality & Safety: Rest easy knowing our product is top-notch. Grown with care, free from pesticides, and crafted with quality in mind. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.
  7. Packaging & Amounts: Your Tommy White comes securely packaged, and you can choose the quantity that suits your vibe – whether it’s a gram or more, we’ve got you covered.
  8. How to Enjoy: Blaze it, vape it, or eat it – the choice is yours! If you’re new to the game, we’ve got recommendations on dosage to ensure a smooth journey.
  9. Legal Stuff: We play by the rules. All our products comply with local regulations, so you can enjoy Tommy White worry-free.
  10. Our Story: WeedMart is all about bringing you the best. Our Tommy White is a testament to quality, sourced with care, and hand-picked for your enjoyment. Welcome to a world where every hit is an experience!




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