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Neon Worms (1000mg)


THC 1000MG

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Are you ready to elevate your edible experience to a whole new dimension? Introducing WeedMart’s Neon Worms 1000mg, crafted by Smashed Gummies for those who dare to dance with the extraordinary. Brace yourself for a journey where flavor meets potency, and the neon vibes never fade.

  1. Strain Information:

Strain Name: Hybrid Neon Worms

Genetics: A fusion of carefully selected hybrid strains, a secret alchemy for unparalleled effects.

Lineage: The perfect blend to ignite your senses and set your taste buds on fire.

  1. THC/CBD Content:

THC Content: A mind-bending 1000mg THC, setting a new standard for high-dose indulgence.

CBD Content: Embark on this THC adventure with negligible CBD presence.

  1. Effects and Experience:

Experience the ultimate euphoria as each Neon Worm unfurls its psychedelic prowess.

Elevate your creativity and unwind with waves of relaxation.

Medical enthusiasts, rejoice! Potential benefits include soothing pain relief and anxiety reduction.

  1. Aroma and Flavor Profile:

Inhale the tantalizing aroma of a psychedelic paradise with a hint of sweet mystery.

Delight your taste buds with an explosion of flavors, a rollercoaster from tangy to sweet, leaving an everlasting imprint.

  1. Appearance:

Vibrant and neon-infused, these worms boast colors that pop and entice.

Each worm, a testament to the artistry behind WeedMart’s craft – visually striking, just like the experience they promise.

  1. Product Quality and Safety:

WeedMart’s commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring a journey that’s not just extraordinary but also safe.

Pesticide-free and organically nurtured, our Neon Worms represent the pinnacle of cannabis confectionery.

  1. Packaging and Quantity Options:

Immerse yourself in the Neon Worm universe with 34 tantalizing pieces per pack.

Various quantity options available to match your dosage preferences and adventurous spirit.

  1. Usage Recommendations:

Savor the Neon Worms straight from the pack, a psychedelic treat for your taste buds.

For the uninitiated, start with a smaller piece to gauge your cosmic compatibility.

  1. Legal Compliance:

WeedMart takes pride in full legal compliance, ensuring our Neon Worms meet all local regulations for a worry-free experience.

  1. Brand Story or Unique Selling Points:

WeedMart, where innovation meets indulgence, bringing you the Neon Worms – a manifestation of our commitment to pushing boundaries.

Locally sourced ingredients, expertly crafted for a taste that transcends the ordinary. Join us in the psychedelic revolution!




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