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Dip N Stix (SATIVA)


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Welcome to WeedMart, where we present you with the epitome of sativa excellence – Dip N Stix (SATIVA). This rare and potent strain is a masterpiece born from the genetic dance between Platinum and Slurricane, crafted by the renowned Grow Sciences. Dip N Stix is not just a strain; it’s an experience waiting to unfold.

Strain Information: Dip N Stix emerges as a sativa-dominant powerhouse, a harmonious blend of Platinum and Slurricane genetics. This rare gem is a testament to the artistry of cannabis breeding, promising an elevated journey that transcends the ordinary.

THC/CBD Content: Indulge in the potency of Dip N Stix, boasting a robust THC content of 25%. This strain caters to the seasoned cannabis connoisseur, delivering a focused, talkative, and happy experience that lingers like a cherished memory.

Effects and Experience: Immerse yourself in the world of Dip N Stix, where the effects are not just felt but embraced. Customers on Leafly attest to a focused, talkative, and happy experience, making this strain a go-to choice for those seeking an uplifted and social encounter. Medical marijuana patients turn to Dip N Stix to alleviate symptoms associated with depression, stress, and fatigue.

Aroma and Flavor Profile: Dip N Stix is a symphony of flavors and aromas, with notes of citrus, pine, and earthiness that dance on the palate and tantalize the senses. The terpene profile, featuring caryophyllene, limonene, and bisabolol, ensures a flavorful experience that sets this strain apart.

Appearance: Behold the visual allure of Dip N Stix buds – a canvas painted with vibrant colors, an ideal size that speaks to its potency, and trichome coverage that glistens like morning dew. Each nug is a work of art, promising an extraordinary cannabis experience.

Product Quality and Safety: At WeedMart, quality is paramount. Dip N Stix is cultivated with care, adhering to the highest standards of safety. Our commitment to quality extends to organic growing practices, ensuring a product free from pesticides and full of authenticity.

Packaging and Quantity Options: Dip N Stix (SATIVA) is elegantly packaged to preserve its potency and freshness. Choose your preferred quantity, whether it’s a gram or more, and unlock the door to a sativa experience like no other.

Usage Recommendations: Savor the journey of Dip N Stix through your preferred consumption method – be it smoking, vaping, or exploring the world of edibles. For newcomers, we recommend starting slow to fully appreciate the nuanced effects of this exceptional strain.

Legal Compliance: Rest assured, Dip N Stix complies with all legal regulations. WeedMart prioritizes your safety and satisfaction, ensuring a seamless cannabis experience within the bounds of the law.

Brand Story or Unique Selling Points: WeedMart stands as a beacon of authenticity, bringing you Dip N Stix – a rare find in the market. Our commitment to quality, from cultivation to packaging, sets us apart. Dip N Stix is not just a strain; it’s a journey into the extraordinary. Elevate your cannabis experience with WeedMart – because you deserve nothing less than exceptional.


1/2 (14G), 1/4 (7G), 1/8 (3.5g), OZ. (28g)




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