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Classic 1G Moonrock



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WeedMart Classic 1G Moonrock

  1. Strain Information:
    • Hybrid strain: Future (GG #4 x Starfighter F2)
    • Aromas: Pungent fuel, skunk, sour citrus
    • Taste: Sour lemon, sweet berries, herbs
  2. THC/CBD Content:
    • Potent THC levels for euphoria
    • Versatile effects: relaxation, creativity, potential medical benefits
  3. Effects and Experience:
    • Head-to-toe euphoria
    • Ideal for both recreational and therapeutic use
  4. Aroma and Flavor Profile:
    • Pungent fuel, skunk, and citrusy notes
    • Taste: Sour lemon, sweet berries, subtle herbs
  5. Appearance:
    • Vibrant colors, generous size, trichome-covered buds
  6. Product Quality and Safety:
    • Crafted from top-shelf king nugs
    • Organic, pesticide-free cultivation practices
  7. Packaging and Quantity Options:
    • Sealed for freshness
    • Various quantities available (grams, ounces)
  8. Usage Recommendations:
    • Versatile consumption: Smoking, vaping, or adding to edibles
    • Easy initiation with recommended dosage guidelines
  9. Legal Compliance:
    • Adheres to all local regulations
    • Legal disclaimers included for compliance
  10. Brand Story:
    • Locally sourced strains for authenticity
    • Handcrafted perfection for a premium experience

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