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Apples & Bananas 2G Resin Disposable (HYBRID)


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Strain Information: Embark on a journey with the hybrid delight of Apples and Bananas 2G Resin Disposable, carefully curated to bring you the best of both sativa and indica worlds. Immerse yourself in the perfect balance, offering a tantalizing experience that transcends the ordinary.

THC/CBD Content: Elevate your senses with a potent blend boasting 2 grams of premium cannabis resin. THC levels are designed for an exceptional experience, providing an optimal balance that caters to seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Effects and Experience: Experience a symphony of effects as Apples and Bananas unfolds its tropical magic. From the euphoric lift to the soothing embrace, this hybrid blend takes you on a journey of creativity and tranquility. Discover a delightful harmony of taste and effect that transforms every puff into a moment of sheer enjoyment.

Aroma and Flavor Profile: Prepare your taste buds for a tropical rendezvous. Sluggers’ Apples and Bananas offers a unique flavor profile that captures the sweetness of ripe apples and the creamy smoothness of bananas. This disposable vape pen delivers a mouthwatering experience that dances on your palate with each inhalation, creating a refreshing escape.

Appearance: Apples and Bananas 2G Resin Disposable capacity of this disposable vape pen is not just about quantity; it’s a visual and tactile delight. Witness the sleek design and enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free, no-refill experience, allowing you to focus on the delightful flavors and effects.

Product Quality and Safety: At WeedMart, quality is our promise. Our commitment extends to cultivation practices, ensuring that our cannabis is free from pesticides and grown with meticulous care. Sluggers Apples & Bananas Disposable is a testament to our dedication to providing a safe and exceptional product.

Packaging and Quantity Options: Experience convenience with our disposable design that eliminates the need for charging or refilling. Each pen is packed with a generous 2 grams of premium cannabis resin, offering an abundance for multiple sessions or to share with friends. Explore the future of disposable vaping with Sluggers.

Usage Recommendations: Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, the Sluggers Apples & Bananas Disposable offers a hassle-free experience. No need for charging or refilling – simply enjoy the tropical journey with every puff. Explore your dosage preference and let the sweet fusion of apple and banana elevate your cannabis encounters.

Legal Compliance: Rest easy knowing that our products comply with all legal regulations. WeedMart prioritizes your safety, ensuring a seamless and legal cannabis experience with every Sluggers Apples & Bananas Disposable.

Brand Story and Unique Selling Points: At WeedMart, we redefine the cannabis experience. The Sluggers Apples & Bananas Disposable is not just a product; it’s an innovative blend that showcases our commitment to flavor, potency, and convenience. Join us in exploring the extraordinary, where every puff is a celebration of uniqueness and excellence.




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