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Visitng From Out of Town?

Visitng from out of town? Try WeedMart cannabis delivery!

Safety Precautions

Weedmart shows how our process is a safe and easy way to reach your cannabis

Fresno/Clovis Delivery

WeedMart explains how we help the area of Fresno and Clovis

WeedMart Benefit Programs

Times are changing, and WeedMart would like to help with those changing times. We will now be offering new programs designed to help new and returning patients get the most out of their experience and benefit the best they can.

First Time Buyer?

Wondering about buying? Learn more about purchasing for the first time.

The Differences Between CBD and THC

Learn the differences between CBD and THC and decide which one works best for you.

Benefits of Edibles

WeedMart discusses the benefits of edibles.

Sauce vs. Distillate Cartridges

WeedMart explains the differences between sauce and distillate cartridges.

How Does Dabbing Differ From Vaping?

WeedMart talks about the effects of dabbing vs vaping.

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